Painting is therapy for me, I pour my pain, heart, thoughts and feelings out on these canvases and most of them come out looking like a teenager just smoked a little too much weed before trying to complete his Art GCSE project. 

All originals - Acrylic on canvas 

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Breathe when needed.

Proud mums, dead soldiers. Sons.

I like you really. Sort of.

Minority vs Humanity

I like shiny expensive stuff?

small dick haha

It fucks me all the time.

Life made me angry?

looking good girl

trapped in dark clouds

The barbie bleeds

It’s me

Veganuary 2019

like my body

quik hit yeah

Things that don’t make sense?

£28 to go fight your enemies war.

Tinned tuna is a good investment.

I had chemistry with her.

9 till 5 till I die and go to heaven?

Peering man

God is immortal but science killed him pretty good.

Good friends

Black Skull x1

Faces vary

Lonely friends forever.

It deserves it.

Self Portrait

2 friends learning to sing.

You can buy more as well!

Who’s the biggest gang out there?

Global warming lol

self portrait

self portrait

Societal Confusion

you need a good breakfast if you are going to go off and die todayWinston can't keep upWhat good friends we are_Vote for the party that reprsents youUniversal individualismTwo friends looking round at the discoTwo faced tendancies.They told me to stop right thereThe other manThe despair of minority in humanityTaxodermy, pianos, mathemathics and butane canistersRob and Max at Dev GreenRecruit those in need of recruitmentQuick steve needs quick cash quickPressure myself to be happy in my successPissing on Da VinciMy expectations make me angryMichael can't pay the rentme and my ego

lick my body

Keep thinking don't think

Societal Confusion

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