System got me tripping.
Painting is fun.

So are a lot of things.
For enquiries about pricing. Email: maxnerurkar@gmail.com


A loan for life

No ID me
Broken heart
There are no saints
It deserves it
School parties suck
Faster please
Societal Confusion
Universal Individuality
Gang crime
Self portrait
2 friends asking around
9 till 5 then I die and go to heaven?
The price is of a life?
Where have I gone?
Scared to be scared
Traffic jams provoke insanity
Angry man #2
2 friends, one angry, one confused.
Making sense of this
Quik Hit
Like my body
I me
Barbie bleeds
Trapped in dark clouds
Looking good gurl
It fucks me all the time
Small dick haha
I like shiny and expensive things?

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