About the work

Our facial expression is often the truest translation of the pleasure and pain we feel in this world. It is far easier to tell a lie with your words than your face. So I paint abstract faces and weird people on canvases and photographs I have taken. I use bold, bright colours to make fun and vibrant works. Each work is more often than not accompanied by words that comment on social and philosophical phenomena. My work is messy and spontaneous. I do not specifically plan any stage of a painting; instead I approach the canvas or photograph openly and paint by turning my feelings of that moment  into movement. Initially each movement brings a new mistake and through many mistakes I find success, or at least a satisfactory conclusion. It is very much a reactionary process that takes place as I try to find order in the chaos of one layer of mistakes after another until the chaos finds its moment to merge beautifully into one and the work is complete.My work allows me to express my thoughts and feelings on the human condition especially when it comes to the behaviour habits and coping methods I have come to know through the pain of my own traumatic and joyful experiences. I believe we all experience a full range of emotions, often in opposition to one another, from anxious to calm in an instant. I believe many emotions are universal. Each of us is then subject to our own individual experiences of these emotions as they come in and out of our lives.  My work is the translation of my individual experience of the thoughts and feelings that make up my own emotions.

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