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Gary is a sandwich lover. His top 3 favourites are ham, cheese and ham again. When he left school he pursued a career making sandwiches and managed to secure himself a position on the M&S packing team. It was a dream come true. His first day of work arrived and he couldn’t have been happier. When Gary arrived at work that first day he was shocked to find he couldn’t see any cheese or ham sandwiches anywhere. There were all kinds of strange and horrible sandwiches, things like cheese and pickles and ham salads. Then there were sandwiches that he had never even heard of like
Prosciutto and Salami Antipasti Focaccia’ or ‘New York Deli Style Salt Beef on Rye’. These he couldn’t even bear to look at. He thought his first day couldn’t have gotten any worse until dinner time came round and his boss informed him that the sandwiches he had been making all morning were all for other people. Gary quit on the stop, he had never heard anything so far out. Hungry and angry he returned home, completely confused about what had just happened. Luckily for him there was a ham sandwich on the table and a cheese one in the fridge. It turned out to be an averagely good day after that. 


Victoria is a patient at Barnsley hospital, she was admitted with an unseen condition that causes the affected to be unable to say more than 6 different words each day. So even though the words can change from day to day, once Victoria has said her first 6 words, that is what she is stuck with for the rest of the day. She hates it and has committed to staying in hospital under constant research until a cure is found. 4 years have gone by. Usually she wakes and takes a few minutes to chooses practical words like can, get, go, stop, where, when  ect, words that apply best to the questions and tasks of that day.  Also words that can be used easily with hand signals and facial expressions. One morning she woke up and said, “ I can feel the wind blow no? ” She only said it once and then she did not speak again that day. The next day was the same and the next after that. This continued for a year or so until one day Victoria left the hospital without saying a word, none saw or heard her speak again until a few minutes later when she was hit by a car. She recovered from the accident miraculously fast and was able to speak perfectly normal afterwards.



Dylan is a friendly lad who has lived in Garnestair his entire life, he has never even left the village but this year on his 28th birthday he decided it was time to explore the world. He booked a one way ticket to the Himalayas to explore the mountains for an undetermined amount of time, possibly forever? Unfortunately for Dylan he had to return home on the day he arrived after experiencing serious trauma on the journey over. Doctors later found the trauma had been caused by Dylan missing an episode of Hollyoaks for the first time ever after watching continuously for 18 years, never missing an episode. Dylan never left Garnestair again.


Jess is 36 and she absolutely loves to straighten her hair, there will be days when that’s all she does. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to have the straightest hair in the world and by the age of 8 she made that happen. She was a global star, people would travel from far and wide to get the chance to see the hair they had heard so much about. Tragically towards the end of her career at age 32 she got diagnosed with cancer of the hair. The doctors saved her life but Jess lost all her hair during her treatment. When it finally grew back it returned with a curliness that couldn’t be straightened. Jess spent years depressed with her curls until 5 years later when she met the greatest wig maker in all the world who crafter her a wig from rulers which she adored and wore from that day onwards. She was happy again forever.



Peter grew up with 2 brothers and all 3 of them loved football. They would play together any free time they had. Sometimes they would get so caught up in the game that one of them would end up eating the ball. As time went on this became more and more of a problem so eventually they all agreed that they would each have a spare ball surgically attached to their non kicking foot so in times of an eaten ball they could carry on playing.Ben



Ben has eaten the same cereal (Shreddies) everyday since he was 6, he is now 61. One day his mum came home with a box of tesco’s ‘Malt Wheats’ a shreddies equivalent. Ben fell ill almost instantly. He didn’t manage to eat for 3 days, after that he ate only Shreddies for several months while he gradually weaned himself back onto other foods such as bread. Occasionally he would get adventurous and have a slice of toast but this would often leave him feeling slightly light headed. In his thirties he ate 3 whole slices of toast in an hour and claims to have seen a giant Shreddie eating the dog later that day.





Beth sets off to work at 10 past 8 each morning but she makes sure she is ready to leave at 8 so she can enjoy 3 cigarettes before getting in the car. She wants to resell next year and so doesn’t want it smelling of smoke. Beth often finds that she feels slightly nauseous just as she gets into the car and sometimes she wonders if it is the cigarettes but usually she quickly remembers that the car is a different star sign to her (which is part of the reason for wanting to sell) rather than she is overdosing on nicotine most mornings.



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